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Definitely a winner! I didn't use chili's but substituted two hearty squirts of Sriracha. Turned out great with a good balance of sweet & spicy. Also, marinated chicken pieces in salt, white pepper, some fresh garlic & ginger with a few dashes of soy prior to battering. Quadrupled the sauce & I would recommend everyone doing at least 2x or more.

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Chef Acissej November 11, 2014

Took a long time to make (~1 hr) but the flavor was delightful. You can make it even spicier if you want. 5 chili pods is mild. I'd suggest doubling or tripling that as desired.

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Luke S. September 29, 2014

So many great reviews here on Zaar, yet I felt undecided at first bite, midway, and at the end of our meal.<br/><br/>I ran into a few issues: the egg wash was a little thin; it didn't stick well to the chicken. The finishing sauce was very salty and thick; maybe using low-sodium soy sauce and only 1 tsp. corn starch would do the trick.<br/><br/>Subbed 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper for the dried chili pods. We prefer more heat, so may double that next time around.<br/><br/>"Something else" was missing from the finishing sauce; maybe ginger?

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IrishEyes.NYC August 02, 2014

It was my first time to cook this dish and all i can say is "OMG" i love it right away. It just tastes like it came from a chinese restaurant :) and it goes really well with plane brown rice. I made a few changes in the recipe. i used tofu instead of chicken and i doubled the sauce mixture and i used cayenne pepper since i run out of chili pods. The next time i cook this i will combine the chicken and tofu :) I'm excited for my family to try this. Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe.. You rock Mean Chef!!! I'm looking forward to try your other recipes :)

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Kettlebell April 12, 2014

This was amazing. This was my first attempt at Chinese and it came out fabulous. My husband took one bite and his face lit up, told me it was great, and then he ate the rest of the batch! I doubled the sauce like recommended and it was the right thing to do. This is a keeper.

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charlaro February 09, 2014

I'm sorry but I hated this recipe:<br/><br/>i. The 1/2 C cornstarch + 3 eggs = TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE batter which is not crispy/crunchy whatsoever but more fluffy/puffy (plus it refuses to brown). This batter really seems like one which only a person who did not know how to cook would make and are pleased with - who do not know any better. You could say this is the exact opposite set of instructions I would follow for the batter I would want.<br/><br/>ii. I am not sure if I just don't like "General Tso" (I thought I did) or if I just don't like this recipe, but the "General Tso Sauce" is very plain - tastes like I just threw put some sugar in soy sauce and boiled it. I don't know that I would want to eat such a one-dimensional sauce. It is incredibly lacking in nuance and complexity.<br/>To a lesser extent: (since this section is not necessarily about eating healthy), why all the sugar? That is 36g added sugar - and some people doubled the sauce recipe: 72g added sugar (not to mention the cornstarch)!<br/><br/>This recipe really was a "flop" for me - however, it was more of a "disappointment" than a "disaster". I cannot understand why anyone would give this more than 3 1/2 stars. For a recipe that only contains 2 major components (sauce + batter), 50% of the recipe was completely wrong (the batter) and the other 50% earned a "perfunctory performance".<br/><br/>Maybe I just haven't eaten General Tso enough times to remember what it is supposed to be like?

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dan1el February 04, 2014

We did enjoy this chicken very much and we had no problem eating up the leftovers and it is at the top of my list, but it's not quite like what Chinese restaurants make. This is not a criticism of the submitter, as I've been trying for years to make that "perfect restaurant clone" and have turned out unsuccessful. What is that secret ingredient(s)?? Anybody want to give it up, I'll take it..............

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ForeverMama October 28, 2013
Mean Guy's General Tso's Chicken