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It is good, but to make a portion for 4 people it takes more than an 1h. Let's be honest but fresh chicken properly fried in deep fat is always good - so cornstarch and egg whites is a standard in such a recipe; the rest is nothing special and unique - typical mixture of soy sauce, rice wine and sugar for many so called Chinese cuisine poultry chicken meals. In my opinion chicken can be marinated earlier for 2 hours with rice wine, chillies, soy sauce, garlic in quantities the maker likes and the rest after frying process - it is a good foundation for any mixtures of ingredients according to your inspiration and sense.

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fabon September 24, 2011

FANTASTIC!! I stuck to the recipe except I had planned to follow others advice and double the sauce however I had a LOT of chicken, both breasts and thighs and it probably ended up being the regular amount of sauce since I quadrupled it. But I bet I had 3-4 pounds of chicken. I didn't have rice wine so used Sake which was fine. I also added fresh grated ginger, garlic, sesame oil and some crushed red pepper to the sauce. I sauteed broccoli with the red peppers (crush a few if you want some heat) and added chopped green onions and sesame seeds on top. EVERYONE LOVED IT!!! My girlfriends came over after dinner and stood by the stove and picked at it and raved about how great it was! Hubby loved it and so did the kids. Certainly restaurant quality!

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rhoke813 September 19, 2011

I found this same recipe somewhere else about 8 years ago and misplaced it. I'm so happy that I found it here! It is better than most take-out I've had. It does take some time to make, but so worth it. I used the pepper pods the first time making this and it wasn't spicy enough for us so, I used red pepper flakes. Much better. I use dry sherry instead of rice wine, chicken breasts(we don't like thighs), and quadruple the sauce. I like to serve this with jasmine rice and steamed broccoli. YUM!!!!! For those of you who found this salty, try low sodium soy sauce. For the person who used mirin it's just sweetened sake. If you love General Tso's Chicken you have got to try this recipe. It's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chocoholic01 March 16, 2011

Yum. I have a secret love of WalMart's generals chicken and decided to give it a try at home. Excellent results. A big enough hit that it has entered into the normal circuit. I took the tip and cooked the chicken in advance which made actual dinner cooking time almost non-existent. I did double the sauce as suggested. I also threw in a good shot of sciracha because my family likes things REALLY hot. Served with fried rice and stir fried veggies (#63485 minus the beef).

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AQueen March 07, 2011

Hey, this is good stuff! I didn't have rice wine so I used sherry and it worked great. I also didn't bread my chicken to save on calories. Subed crushed red pepper flakes. Doubled the sauce and added a bunch of veggies (how else am I suupposed to get the kids to eat them?). Excellent. Thanks!

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Chef Mandy #5 February 01, 2011

I have to say I made this General Tso chicken and the chicken itself came out crispy and good however the sauce for this chicken was way to salty!!! And I am the type of person that has to have salt on everything but this sauce was soooo salty I could not eat it! The sauce needs to be less salty and a little sweeter! Sorry for the bad review but people need to know that the sauce needs to be changed a little bit. Maybe use less soy sauce or use the low sodium soy sauce???

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hays2905 January 03, 2011

I made a big error making this one, but even with my goof up it still ended up tasting good. I forgot to brown up my chicken and just put my liquid mixture into the pan without chicken being in there...well it turned into a big huge jello-ish ball lol I have no clue what happend but nothing I did would thin it down..I tried some more wine, water, chicken stock lol it just got bigger and bigger...so strange! So I threw my chicken on top of my blob and just mixed it all in...and it still turned out good! I'll definitely make this one again.

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Ashley S. September 09, 2009

EXCELLENT!!! I give this 5+ stars and my son gives it 5 stars, so that means 10+ stars for this one :) We truly enjoyed this recipe. The flavor was great and the meat was nice and tender. We used chicken thighs and breast and doubled the recipe and sauce. We had enough left over for one lunch, so I would have to say it only serves 2 if you don't eat like a bird! I will be passing this one along to family and friends and will be making often. We LOVED it!!! Thanks for adopting Mean's recipe and sharing it with us Kirstin!

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Linda's Busy Kitchen August 10, 2008

wow! this tasted just like the general tso chicken we order in, its amazing!! what a wonderful recipe..the only trouble i had was when i fried the chicken for the first time, because a lot of the excess cornstarch/egg mixture cooked itself and was left in the pan..it also took a lot longer than expected to brown the second frying time..but it was DEFINITELY worth the wait!! and i made it with mona's easy fried rice..the family all loved it..thanks again!

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Tgirl April 21, 2004

This was good -the sauce was a little more vinegary than we like for our Tso's, but the chicken part turned out excellent. Thanks!

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Maggie in Minnesota March 31, 2004
Mean Guy's General Tso's Chicken