DH's Sauce That Won Me Over To Asparagus

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5 mins
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Amazingly simple and tasty dip!

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  1. Mix it all up!
  2. Alter amounts of ingredients to personal taste.
  3. Dip your lightly steamed (crisp is key) asparagus.
  4. Grind up leftovers for your baby (mine loves this veggie with or without sauce!).
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I can see why your DH and you love this sauce! I used it with leftover rice and tofu to make a salad and it came out great! Thanks! Next time it will go over the asparagus!

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I'm sorry, but this just didn't taste very good. The soy sauce gave it a different type of flavour - soemthing I wasn't too fond of. I gave it two stars because although I didn't like the taste, it was very easy to put together.

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***I used this as a dipping sauce for my blanched asparagus. I thought it complemented the flavor very well, as long as I dipped it lightly - it did have a tendency to be a bit overpowering. The flavor was also a little too salty. If you are one of those that uses "light" soy sauce that might eliminate that problem. Unfortunately, I can't report on the"winning over" factor, because my non-asparagus-lover refused to even try it. — Jul 22, 2005 I have to revise my review and rating - I find myself craving this sauce with lightly blanched asparagus. I have been known to eat a whole pound of asparagus at one sitting - who cares if anyone is "won over"!