Boiled Peanuts in the Shell

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Total Time
2 mins
40 mins

These go great with cold beer on hot summer nights. They are a northern Chinese snack

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  1. Put peanuts, spices, salt, and roughly 1/4 cup soy sauce in a pot and cover with water. Cover pot and bring to boil. Let simmer for 30-40 minutes, stirring every 7-10 minutes (if you don’t, the peanuts floating on top won’t cook through). When done (peanuts should be a little crunchy yet smushy in your mouth, and taste done), leave peanuts to soak in the brine while they cool. When cool, drain pot and discard spices; toss peanuts with a little more soy sauce and sesame oil (2 teaspoons each max) and serve cold.
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I have never made boiled peanuts in a shell before, but they are a nice little snack. I didn't have szechuan peppercorns, so I just used a mixture of black, red, and white peppercorns. Very good! Made for PAC Fall 2009.